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Mirrorstone Portable Far Infrared Panel Heater with Feet Stand

Mirrorstone Portable Far Infrared Panel Heater with Feet Stand
Mirrorstone Portable Far Infrared Panel Heater with Feet Stand
Mirrorstone Portable Far Infrared Panel Heater with Feet Stand

Mirrorstone Portable Far Infrared Panel Heater with Feet Stand   Mirrorstone Portable Far Infrared Panel Heater with Feet Stand
Not only do our portable infrared heaters deliver exceptional warmth, but they also feature an innovative FIR coating that enhances efficiency and maximizes heat output. This advanced coating technology ensures that every watt of energy is utilized, resulting in even more cost savings for you! They are specifically designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need to heat a patio, garage, or workshop, our infrared heaters are up to the task. With our advanced technology and durable design, our portable infrared heaters are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an energy-efficient and reliable heating solution. So why settle for anything less? Upgrade to our infrared heating panels today and start enjoying the benefits of superior warmth and cost savings! Please note that the advised heated areas are for guidance only. For a more accurate heated area that is more relevant to your home, please either use our Calculator located at the top of this page, or speak to one of our Customer Services advisors about your room. We advise leaving a gap of at least 5cm between the ceiling and panel once installed in order to ensure adequate airflow behind the heater.

This panel will come with a clear film on its front that needs to be peeled off before first use. If you use the heater before peeling the film off, the film may discolour and melt onto the surface of the heater. Infrared heating works by firing infrared beams around your room, which heat up the objects they bounce off of. These beams are completely safe, as they are the same that your TV remote control probably uses.

It's also the same as the sun's heat, although without any harmful UV rays. There won't be any stuffiness, as this heats objects not air, so there's no cold spots or dust circulation.

This can massively benefit your health, as there's no dust circulation or cold spots, so there's no mould or mildew in your room, either. FIR Coating For Maximum Efficiency & Safety.

Our infrared panels come with a brand new, highly advanced premium FIR Coating to help maximise the performance of your heater. It's heat-resistant - meaning it can withstand temperatures up to 200.

C without yellowing over time. Not only that, but it will also help the carbon crystal heating element inside the panel distribute the IR waves better than ever before, thanks to a higher thermal efficiency, resulting in even more warmth in your home. To top it all off, the coating is also far more secure than ever before, as it is fire resistant, ensuring your family and your home stay safe and warm. The clean white finish is absolutely perfect to hide your heater in plain sight. In a kitchen or bathroom, you can add a little extra heat without having to resort to a clunky radiator, or an inefficient portable heater.

As it's just 22mm in depth, you can easily pop it on the wall without it sticking out. With its small size, you can also hide it under a desk, or even use it in a downstairs cloakroom, for example, where space is a little tight. Don't forget, they can also be mounted on the ceiling, too, as they heat the objects and not the air, so there's no rising hot air - just clean heat warming up the objects below. Depending on how you use your panel, sometimes it may be handy to know when it is actually on.

You can of course plug it in, hard wire it, or use a thermostat to give you a better level of control. However you choose to, we've integrated a blue LED in the corner, and the way it works is simple. When the panel is on and emitting infrared heat around your room, the light will glow blue. When the panel switches off, so too will the LED light. This gives you the chance to see, at a glance, whether your heating panel is on or not!

The panels are so easy to install, too. There's no complicated wiring or plumbing, as you can just take advantage of plugging it directly into the mains. Plus, they're simple to mount on your wall or ceiling. They have brackets attached to the back of them already, so all you need is a couple of screws in your wall for them to hang on. There's a guide included, too.

Just draw through the stencil provided, get the screws in the wall or ceiling, and mount your panel. You'll be up and running in minutes, and you can do it all yourself with ease. No plumbers, electricians, or handymen/women - just quick, efficient heat. With a brilliant glossy white surface, it's simple to just wipe clean with a damp cloth. It's sturdy too, and looks fantastic on your wall with its clean FIR Coating front.

The frame around the edge is tough white aluminium, so you know that the clean finish is continued. On the back of the panel is a standard 240v junction box, with a generous 2 metres of heavy-duty flex and the standard UK 3-pin plug. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Heating, Cooling & Air\Heaters & Radiators\Space Heaters".

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  • Wattage: 180 Watts
  • Brand: Mirrorstone
  • Power Source: Electric
  • EC Range: A++ - G
  • Heating System: Infrared
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE): 95-100%
  • Mounting Location: Floor
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: A++
  • Smart Home Protocol: Infrared
  • Power: 701-800 W
  • Colour: White

Mirrorstone Portable Far Infrared Panel Heater with Feet Stand   Mirrorstone Portable Far Infrared Panel Heater with Feet Stand